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We first held Sonance in February 2018 with the idea that we would bring over some of the techno DJs/producers that we love but that you hardly ever see in London such as Ghost In The Machine, Kaiser, Lars Huismann and Theo Nasa to name but a few.  We had some excellent nights, but we decided a rethink was required. 


Big names aren't the driver for us; throwing a good party is.  As long as we have a venue that helps create a great atmosphere, and a set of DJs that we know will play excellent music, we're sorted.  Luckily, we have both.  The basement of The Castle in Shoreditch is perfect for us, and we've met plenty of people in our years of being involved in techno that we know can play to the standard we're looking for.  We're predominantly a techno party, but we're happy to play what we like, so that means tech house to start and don't be surprised if you hear electro, breakbeats, hardcore and anything else we think will work.

Why should you come?  Well we've been proud to receive one common piece of feedback over the years and that's how friendly the crowd have been and how much they've enjoyed themselves.  We've had people visiting from the other end of the country, we've had people walk in off the street and be the last ones on the dancefloor several hours later, and we've seen friendships grow between people who have met on our dancefloors.  That's what we're about.  Come and join us and find out for yourself!

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B.S.E is one of London's favourite Underground heroes.

As co-founder of Zoology he helped craft one of the most famous small parties of its era and shows no signs of letting up!

B.S.E has the versatility to put together exciting sets of Tech House, Deep House and Trance but is famed for his love of Techno. His skills have seen him play at some of London's foremost promotions including Peach, Frantic, Twist and Lost Dawn... B.S.E has recently been flexing his production muscles with releases on Keep On Techno Records and Pure Dope Digital to name but a few.

If you've yet to see him in action it is time to change that. Bring on the madness, bring on B.S.E!

Paul Z has been DJing for over 25 years and in that time has played at all kinds of parties (clubs, warehouses, fields) and playing all kinds of music (techno, breakbeats, jungle, gabber).  

Techno is his main love and he's more than capable of covering the spectrum from 130bpm Detroit style right through to 150bpm+ acid screamers, all of which you're likely to hear him play at Sonance (not necessarily together though...).

Paul is very good. You should dance to him

J A X may be small but she is sure as hell mighty! This firecracker is a self taught DJ from London and is going from strength to strength in building her tech house repertoire and skills as a DJ. She loves rolling base lines and knows a good tune when she hears one. Her infectious high energy behind the decks floods out onto the dance floor ensuring everyone has a great experience no matter which side of the decks they are on.

After being a stalwart of our lockdown streams J A X was offered a residency and has been getting the party started since.

The Castle is an East End pub with a live event space upstairs and a club space in the basement. Open 7 days a week and open late night at weekends.

With a great sound system an cavern feel it was perfect for us to make our home.

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